Creating Rural Entrepreneurs

Aiming to “usher in an era of energy independence”, we, at Servals Automation, have a big dream.

• An energy terrain where all the energy that is required for a household can be produced and bought within the local community itself.

• An ‘energy model for cooking and lighting solutions’ that is based on self sufficiency, sustainability and environment friendliness.

While the flagship products - kerosene burners and stoves, are by themselves contributing a 30% saving in kerosene consumption, we are gearing up to move up the renewable energy chain through our newer energy innovations – TLUD wood stoves, Plant Oil Stoves and Plant Oil Lamps that run on Straight Plant Oil. Besides, with a business model that is based on social entrepreneurship, we hopes to create a stream of economic activity around the new energy inventions that will make the inventions self-sustaining.

The Blueprint..

• The energy stream for the wood stoves would be ‘canister sized fuel packets’; for plant oil stoves/lamps it would be unrefined plant oil that can be locally extracted and distributed.

• The lynchpin of this dream is the creation of the “rural energy entrepreneurs”; A “Rural Energy Entrepreneur” is someone

-who can extract plant oil from locally available sources and distribute it in the community so that plant oil availability is facilitated

-or collect locally available fuel, make it into canister sized fuel packets and distribute it in the community

-thus opening up employment opportunities in the community.

Turning dream into reality

We are in touch with different Government agencies to popularize the TLUD Wood Stoves and Plant Oil Stoves/Lamps

  • Petroleum Conservation & Research Association (PCRA)
  • Tamil Nadu Forest Department
  • Chennai District SSI Association (CDISSIA)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

Come, Share our Dream. write to us.


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