Servals Automation Pvt Ltd - Company Overview

Who are we

  • SERVALS AUTOMATION (P) LTD (Servals) is the name of the venture.
  • It is part of the SERVALS Group which has a history of nearly 40 years in industrial marketing.
  • Servals has been designed as a Social Enterprise and is engaged in the manufacture of socially relevant products, focused primarily on providing clean, green, affordable and indeed sustainable energy for cooking and lighting purposes.

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Our Mission

We are a commercial organization working “for profit” with a social outlook.

“To bring appropriate technology
to the “bottom of pyramid” to
enhance quality of their life”
  • We address the global social problem of energy conservation
  • by encouraging the usage of alternate and renewable energy sources
  • with a focus on ushering in Rural Economic Independence
  • especially for people below poverty line in developing countries

What we do...

  • A patented product
  • Offering a 30% savings in Kerosene consumption when used on Servals Kerosene Stoves
  • Is the single largest manufacturer of Kerosene burners in India with a market share of about 7%
  • Enables the use of locally available non-edible plant oil instead of Kerosene
  • A breakthrough technology that uses plant oil as cooking and lighting fuel.
  • ‘first-of-its-kind’ in the world initiative, this endeavor’s ultimate mission is to promote Rural Energy Independence.
  • Prototypes ready. Being field tested currently.
  • Toppling Safe Stove: Special statutory requirement in South Africa. Design getting patented in South Africa.
  • TLUD Gasifier Wood Stove: These wood stoves can accept waste materials like twigs, dry grass, husks etc without felling trees. The gasifier technology also makes the process carbon neutral. With Servals’ recent design enhancements, these stoves have become more user friendly.
  • Varsha Rain Gun: Redesigned by IIT, Chennai under the Ru-Tag Scheme of the Government of India. Currently used in irrigation. Alternative applications in dust abatement being piloted.
  • Servals' long term energy plan: SAPL dreams of an energy terrain where all the energy for a household is produced and bought within the local community itself. Working on creating “rural energy entrepreneurs”; spawning a stream of sustainable income generating activities.

Key Stakeholders

Key Management
Venture Capital Partners (49% equity)

Funding Support
  • We augment our production resources by collaborating with NGOs. We have a successful model with “Trust for Village Awareness” at Koothambakkam
  • We work with NGOs to offer Income Generation Activities;We use Self Help Groups as grass root level marketing channel
Key Awards and Recognition

For the Enterprise:
  • Winner of the Sankalp 2010 award in the Clean Energy Sector - Established Enterprise Category
  • Nominated as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Candidate for 2011.
  • One of the 8 companies identified by InfoDev (a program of the World Bank) as leading the technological innovation for climate change
  • Identified by Cornell University, US as a case example in their Sustainable Global Enterprise Project.
  • Winner of the L-Ramp Innovation Award for "Award of Excellence - Enterprise Category – 2007”.
  • Distributor of stoves and burners for the Tsunami affected victims (Tamil Nadu) ; work commended by NSIC

For its products:
  • Plant Oil Stove - included as "Social Innovation" in the book "Break through" published by CII
  • 2005 Award ‘Most Fuel Efficient Stove’ category by the PASASA (Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa), promoted by leading global petroleum companies such as Shell and British Petroleum
  • Venus burner - Certified as the most fuel efficient burner in the market with a thermal efficiency in excess of 63% as compared to 55% that was generally accepted as being very good
  • The BIS wanted to adopt the Servals burner as a standard benchmark for all other similar type burners in India.
  • Certification from Anna University, describing the product as " Boon to Common Man"

Write to us by clicking here

We'd like to hear from you :
  • Net-working with Social Entrepreneurs
  • Global Contacts to carry forward the message of energy conservation and renewable energy to bring in “Cheer to millions of people below the poverty line”
  • We invite companies and Individuals sharing our vision and are looking forward to brainstorming new ideas, concepts and investment opportunities.
  • We would like to act as a foundation for budding entrepreneurs/technopreneurs with business plans/ideas sharing our vision
Balaji Nagar 1st Street,
CHENNAI – 600 097

PHONE : 64577181 – 64577182
FAX : 044 - 45540339

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