A handshake with a fellow blogger…

When I started my organization a good 40 years ago, even a direct mail campaign was a novelty. Today, blog networking is paying off even in a field like kerosene burners and plant oil hybrid stoves… where the end user is pretty much illiterate.

While combing the internet for information on our Plant Oil hybrid stoves, I chanced upon “The jatropha blog”. I found it informative. I contacted the fellow bloggers and was indeed happy to see that they were from the same city. Chennai. We met and learned about each other.

It was indeed heartening to see this group of young web savvy entrepreneurs with a vision to promote the cause of energy & environment using the internet. Read more about this young company here

I also learned that they run another blog on energy alternatives in India, which I personally think is a fairly useful web resource in a field that is important and needs as much attention as the world can give.

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