Servals wins the Sankalp 2010 Award in Clean Energy

I am happy to announce that Servals are the proud winners of the Sankalp 2010 award in the Clean Energy Sector.

With the two other notable honors – being featured as one of the eight innovator success stories by Infodev and being nominated as a candidate for the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011 community – the Sankalp award is indeed a wonderful national level recognition.

We won the Sankalp award for our energy solution around the TLUD Gasifier Stove.

Sankalp is India’s largest social enterprise and investment forum. Among other things, every year, it recognizes India’s top 10 highly investment worthy and innovative social enterprises in 5 key growth areas. We are indeed honored to be one of them.

The recognition for our TLUD based energy solution, particularly at a time when we are gearing up for a big launch, is indeed going to give our efforts a great start.

Our experience at the Sankalp forum was exceptional. It was very inspiring and indeed heartwarming to see such an outstanding gathering of highly talented and dedicated individuals - all focused on making the social enterprise space more vibrant and effective in the economy.

Our sincere appreciation to the Sankalp team’s efforts at creating such an incredible forum for this important social enterprise industry space.

And we believe that this win will put us in a higher league.

Read the CNN coverage here

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