Servals featured on InfoDev's Climate Innovator Success Stories

I am happy to announce that our low carbon initiatives have received another honorable mention. Infodev carried a story about Servals under their feature Climate Technology : Innovator Success Story.

InfoDev (Information for Development program) is a special program of the World Bank and many other international development agencies focusing on how the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help to combat poverty and promote opportunity, empowerment and economic growth in developing countries.

In 2009, infoDev launched a request for proposals for cleantech entrepreneur success stories. Servals was one of the 8 stories that was selected to be featured on infoDev's website and in marketing materials for infoDev's Climate Technology Program.

Read the article here

Download the full article here

It is indeed heartening to note that Servals has been included in the collection of cleantech entrepreneur success stories within infoDev's incubator network

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