Servals Automation - Vision,Mission,Purpose

Our Vision

Bringing appropriate technology to the ‘bottom of the pyramid’
to enhance their quality of life

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create to sustainable business organization that contributes to poverty alleviation in the areas of energy conservation and water management

Our Values

We will achieve our mission with a strong commitment to:

  • Appropriate technology focused on native and rural technology that is scalable and sustainable
  • Excellence focused on world-class standards
  • Innovation focused on user-friendliness and affordability
  • Social responsibility focused on encouraging employment generation
  • Responsible Corporate citizenship focused on being proactive to environment, health and safety considerations. Read about how our products reduce carbon footprint..
One of India’s biggest Socio-Economic-National Problems

  • Over Rs. 4500 Crores worth of kerosene is being imported every year
  • Nearly 15% of the Indian population belonging to “bottom of pyramid”
  • Crores of poor families in developing countries use kerosene for their daily cooking purpose.
Kerosene is scarce and imported. In spite of Government intervention in distributing kerosene through Fair price shops, kerosene price in open market is very high and poor families spend considerable portion of their monthly budget in buying kerosene. An average family of four uses every month minimum of 6 – 8 liter of kerosene spending over Rs. 150 to 200 per month.

Servals’ Social Entrepreneurial Objectives

Servals wanted to bring about a change in the life of these poor families.
  • As a first step, Servals wanted to introduce conservation in the use of kerosene.
  • As a next step, they want to introduce a stove which will eliminate the use of kerosene and use Plant Oil (renewable energy source which is extracted from trees grown in rural area).
  • This, Servals feels will usher rural energy independence.

Servals’ contribution to the Social, Economic and National Problems

Servals manufactures Venus Kerosene Burner.
  • They are patented design and on trials by various technical institutions, found to have 65.4% Thermal Efficiency against mandatory requirement of 55% by ISI.
  • This offers 30% savings in kerosene consumption compared to burners available in the market.
Servals are new engaged in developing Plant Oil Stove
  • which will use plant oil like jetropha, pungama etc., instead of kerosene.
  • They are assisted, in these efforts, by international institutions like IIT-Chennai, L-Ramp and Rockefeller Foundation USA.
  • This product will be, perhaps, first of its kind in the world
  • and has an international market as most developing countries are eager to switch over to plant oil which is a renewable energy source instead of kerosene.

We invite companies and Individuals sharing our vision and are looking forward to brainstorming new ideas , concepts and investment opportunities. We would like to act as a foundation for budding entrepreneurs/technopreneurs with business plans/ideas sharing our vision

Contact Us

Write to us by clicking here

Balaji Nagar 1st Street,
CHENNAI – 600 097

PHONE : 64577181 – 64577182
FAX : 044 - 45540339


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