Reducing the carbon footprint while cooking

Sometime ago I had written a blog post on my thoughts about carbon credits. “The Challenge of the Chulha” is indeed one of helping the poor use cleaner, greener energy while cooking.

As we all know, carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases leading to global warming with accompanying consequences. Apparently 18% of the problem comes from cooking stoves. Read more...

I want to explain how our products help reduce the carbon footprint of cooking stoves – the stoves used by so many poor people of the world.

Simply put, our products reduce the net addition of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Our kerosene stoves that use our high efficiency burners reduce kerosene consumption by around 33 %. This is a low carbon initiative, since for the same job, less carbon dioxide is let out into the atmosphere.

The hybrid cooking stove is carbon neutral (to the extent of plant oil use), since the carbon dioxide produced is absorbed back by the plant to produce the same amount of plant oil. In other words, it is a closed carbon cycle. And we are of course almost finalizing a 100% Plant Oil Stove design.

The plant oil lamp is also carbon neutral for the same reasons mentioned above.

The TLUD wood stove is carbon negative (when the charcoal is dumped back into the soil), since some of the carbon in the atmosphere is captured and put back into the soil. This reduces the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to a certain extent. The stove mainly uses biomass residues like twigs, husks, etc. as fuel - which are basically carbon neutral.

With reducing the carbon footprint becoming an almost mandatory lifestyle practice, we are indeed happy to know that what we do helps our customers be more green. More responsive to the carbon footprint challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I am from Orissa and am impressed by your products mostly Gasifier wood stove. As you know there very poor people in Orissa and I have setup an organization called Green Horizon to help some of them. Can I get a sample of this stobe for a demo purpose? to show it to them for use?


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