Calculating Co2 footprint of stove technology

Here is an article from the April 2008 newsweek. It is titled "10 fixes for the planet". Newsweek had interviewed environmental thinkers to come up with ideas on how to make the planet greener and more energy efficient.

Out of the top 10 suggestions listed by the thinkers, two of them relate to "LED Lighting" and "Stoves for the masses". You can read the whole article here

I have posted the part about stoves here.

8. Stoves for the masses: Inefficient cooking methods are not a trivial problem.

Some 2 billion people in the developing world cook in rudimentary stoves or over open fires. Either way, most of the heat escapes into the air rather than warming the food. Efficient stoves could slash the amount of fuel they use, decreasing emissions and deforestation, too. "A family of five can use three tons of wood a year for cooking," says Columbia University engineer Vijay Modi. "If that family saves one ton of wood per year, that can translate into more than a ton of CO2 saved every year for that family alone." But such stoves have to be cheap, durable and attractive, as well as efficient.

This made me think : Wouldn’t it be possible for us to calculate the CO2 our stove technology can save in India.

If you come across any information on how to calculate the Co2 footprint, do write in to us.


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