Servals Automation - Key Stakeholders

  • Mr. P. Mukundan - Managing Director

Mr. Mukundan is an entrepreneur with over four decades of industrial experience and vast contacts in both industry and social sectors. He is the proprietor of Servals (“Servals Parent Company”) that deals in industrial valves and a partner in Surmount Enterprises, dealing with material handling equipment. Mr. Mukundan has held positions of responsibilities in various government and industry associations. Read the complete profile …

  • Our Investors - AAVISHKAAR Micro-Venture Capital Fund and Environmental Resources Management (ERM

The Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund (“Aavishkaar”) is a venture fund founded to promote development in rural and semi-urban India.The primary commitment of Aavishkaar is to effect change by promoting growth of grassroots ideas and enterprise. Aavishkaar seeks to nurture and initiate creative thought processes at the grassroots level and convert them into thriving enterprises. Read more about Aavishkar ..

Read more about the Aavishkaar - Servals Automation venture here ..

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is the world’s leading provider

of environmental, health and safety, risk and social consulting services. One of their key areas of focus is to provide technical excellence and innovative solutions to their partners and prepare them to respond better to the challenges of sustainable development. Read more about ERM…

Grassroots Business Fund (GBF) is a US based SOcial Investor with a mission to build and support high-impact businesses that provide sustainable economic opportunities to millions of people at the base of the economic pyramid. They provide investment capital and capacity building to high impact social enterprises in several developing countries across the globe. Read more ..

  • Our Mentors - Rural Innovators Network RIN - (NGO)

RIN is a rural business incubator. RIN avidly identifies and incubates grassroots innovations, which can have a significant impact on rural lives and lie untapped, in spite of their potential to transform lives. RIN's incubation strives to make the difference between an idea that fails and one that sees the light of day. RIN believes many rural innovations can be successfully commercialized as micro-enterprises that benefit rural consumers and contribute to sustainable wealth creation. Read more about RIN

Read about the success stories on Varsha Rain Gun and Plant oil stove on the “Innovations" section of the RIN website

  • Funding Support : L-RAMP (joint venture of IIT – Chennai & RIN)

L-RAMP (the Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Program), is a Chennai-based, joint initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and Rural Innovations Network. “If an innovation has the potential to change lives, it must get a fair chance to do so especially when the innovation is aimed at the poor the underserved people”. This is the purpose of L-RAMP. The vision of L-RAMP “To improve the quality of life of the underserved population through innovations and innovation-led enterprises”.

Read more about L-Ramp...

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