Efforts to develop plant oil for domestic fuel

This is an article published in The Hindu in Mar 2005.

I have reproduced a part of the essay here – so you have a quick understanding of the plant oil fuel issue – as well as see how early all this was started …we’ve certainly come a long way since then – having built the prototype of the plant oil stove …

"The soaring petrol and diesel prices and shortage of kerosene for supply through the public distribution system underscore the need to conserve fuel and adopt measures to enhance energy efficiency.

With crude oil prices on the rise, the importance of fuel conservation is more relevant now than ever before. A section, including a group in Chennai working for the use of plant oil as domestic fuel, has realised its importance.

According to P. Mukundan, Chief Executive of Servals Automation, the company is holding talks with Development Alternatives, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in New Delhi, to undertake contract research on plant oil as a substitute for kerosene. The idea is to identify the plants whose oil could be used as domestic fuel with some additives, encourage their plantation and provide crushing and storage facilities."

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