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This is an article that was published in Businessworld in February 2008

This article is titled: Profiting From Charity

While I have reproduced the specific mention about Servals Automation here, I would like to say that this is a very well written article on the whole concept of Social Enterprise and how “Helping the under privileged and making money in the process is not such a bad idea after all”.

The Chennai-based Servals Automation, founded by P.Mukundan is a classic example of the producer-cum-consumer model. Servals outsources sales and distribution to NGOs and self-help groups. Elango, an Ashoka Fellow, handles manufacturing with the help of 50-60 men and women in Koothambakkam village. Both profits and employment could go up as Mukundan has confirmed orders for 100,000 kerosene burners. He is now branching off into designing and manufacturing a stove that uses plant oil like jatropha.

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