Context of Servals' innovations

Servals' innovations are in the space of “Sustainable Energy Solutions for efficient cooking and lighting”

Inefficient cooking methods are not a trivial problem. About 2 billion cook in rudimentary stoves or over open fires. Indeed the article was right - “Designing technology for diversity and affordability is harder than sending a man to the moon”.

Energy conservation, green energy generation and reducing indoor air pollution are global mandates now, not just needs. The relevance of improved cooking stoves - is so huge that it can address at least 5 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals that the United Nations is working to meet by 2015.

Here are some declared statistics about the enormity of the situation: Source

  • Carbon dioxide, Methane and nitrous oxide present in biomass stove emissions .
  • Apparently 18% of the problem of carbon emissions is caused by stoves.
  • Fourth leading health risk in developing countries.
  • Premature deaths - estimated 1.6 million people each year ; women and children most affected.
  • Annual consumption of wood - 10% of wood harvested from the world's forests.
  • Watch a youtube movie about the perils of unsafe cooking devices.


pulkit chhabra said...

its surprising that such innovations are not accepted readily world over.. when we have such a pressing need. :(

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