Product testimonials

I have always believed that customer feedback is the most significant testimonial about the product. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

At Servals, we have not as yet embarked on a systematic customer feedback mechanism. But we have been proactive in gathering the customers’ perspectives at every opportunity.

We have had several tea shop owners tell us that our burners save about one litre of kerosene every day, when their daily consumption is 3 liters per day.

We have a written testimonial from Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, a registered trade union with 1.1 million women self help groups, tell us that the kerosene supply that used to come for 5 days now comes for 7 days and that it is much faster than a wick stove.

We have some very positive feedback from many of our Stove OEM customers, all of whom have endorsed our burners through more sales. Our kerosene burners are now fitted on several top selling national stove brands such as Blueflame, Butterfly, Premier, Reliance and Humsafar.
We now have also been receiving encouraging feedback from dealers who have been hearing it from the end users.

Whenever we do the “water boiling test” as a demo to any new prospect, with whatever burner they have been used to, our kerosene burners have consistently registered a thermal efficiency that is 10-15% higher. Which translates to a saving of 20-30% kerosene.

As a company, we have not embarked on any major brand promotions or awareness campaigns. The heterogeneity of the market in terms of literacy and vernacular languages have also not made it easy. So we take feedbacks such as these as the true customer testimonial.


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