Venus Energy Efficient Kerosene Burners

Let me introduce Servals' flagship product here - "Venus Energy Efficient Kerosene Burners". Our patented burners is our first contribution towards energy independence. It addresses an economic and global priority - conservation in the use of kerosene, a fossil fuel.

With millions of people below the poverty line in the developing countries, using kerosene for their daily cooking and lighting purposes, and kerosene being a fossil fuel, with all the attendant problems such as procurement, affordability, indoor air pollution, we wanted to bring about an improvement in the “kerosene consumption landscape”. Therefore as a first step, we have introduced a product that contributes to conservation in the use of kerosene.

Designed, developed and patented by Servals, Venus burners are now widely used all over India due to its design and user benefits. In fact, Servals is the single largest producer of kerosene burners in India with a market share of about 7%.

I give below some key highlights of our kerosene burners:

  • A uniquely designed kerosene burner that has established a substantial saving in kerosene consumption because of its better combustion and thermal efficiency. Venus burners have a unique single tube design, which avoids welding of pressure parts in the heat zone of the burner.

  • Our copper/brass burners, on trials by various technical institutions have been found to have upto 65.4% Thermal Efficiency against the mandatory requirement of 55% by ISI.

  • Our mild steel burners also register better thermal efficiency compared to all other burner designs in the market.

  • The Bureau of Indian Standards wanted to adopt the Servals burner as a standard benchmark for all other similar type burners in India.
  • With the “Venus” burners fitted on the “Servals Kerosene Saving Stove” there is a 30% kerosene saving. The key factor that has contributed to this high saving is the fuel efficiency of the Venus burner itself, combined with the stove design of Servals that optimizes various stove parameters.
  • Tests have proven that the Venus burner alone saves around 5 % kerosene compared to some other good burners in the market. The saving is around 15 % when compared to ordinary burners. Read here about a simple “ Kerosene saving test format “ …
  • This product has been described as “a boon to millions of poor families in India” by Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • They can be fitted on any standard Kerosene stove. They have earned the acceptance of OEM’s (Stove Manufactures) in various parts of the country.
Social Impact of “Venus” Burners
  • It is a "low carbon initiative". The “Venus” burners reduce the net addition of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Read more.
  • The single tube design of Venus burners is safer compared to other burners in the market which have welded joints in the heat zone of the burner. Welded joints in a burner can sometimes fail due to the intense heat in the heat zone.
  • Because of its better “combustion efficiency”, Venus burners reduces harmful emissions. This means lesser indoor air pollution - better working and living conditions for the family.
  • Because Venus burners use lesser kerosene, the monthly fuel expense of a household goes down when they use Venus burners. The saving in kerosene consumption depends on what burner they would use otherwise. But considering that the Venus burners save at least 5% kerosene compared to the other good burners in the market, the minimum saving itself is estimated to be substantial. This is a product that can save enough to pay for itself.
  • Given Servals’ social enterprise based business model, it is estimated that each entrepreneur will be able to make approximately INR 20 - 25 per burner sold by him.

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Wow! this is nice. Maybe how much is this?
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So informative and comprehensive report.

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wow great designs which material u used for tube and other parts? MS pipe??

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